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Love Sucks!!!

Yep love sucks!!

What is so great about it?
You have that one in which you know you will be able to come home to and talk to about anything that happened that day,,,,baloney!!
They judge you too!!!

Oh take vacations with,,,,,hahaha!!!

They there for you!!! Only if their problems are not more than theirs...

Only for you!!! Until they find that someone else who will listen to their bitching more than you as you heard it all to much already....

Love sucks Yes!!!!

I look at the person beneath the skin as you say skin is not all, but guess what unless they are willing to have the person come to the surface that person you see below will never be the person that they are... ask all my ex's.....

I watch the person below. watch them real close.
But I have to learn is to also keep my eyes wide open to the person on the surface too. They are the ones that hurt you. They are the ones that are hard to deal with..

Love sucks.

Work place ugh... I work in a building of 600 know what?
No one here to take out or they are to scared to go out because you work with them..

Chat rooms... yes I belong to a couple of chat rooms and yes they live to far away.....Love sucks....

oh well...not giving up yet..

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